Thank you for visiting BABT.BIZ where our mission statement is to Bring Art and Business Together. 

No matter where you are located, BABT.BIZ is here to provide a means to connect with your local community, through displaying art from local artist of your choosing on our website for free. Every member with an account through us must accept our terms and conditions which require our members to release you and your business from any legal liability should their artwork become damaged or stolen while on display in your building. BABT.BIZ encourages our members to protect themselves with purchasing art insurance,  see our policy page.

To begin looking for artists near you, search our artist directory, after checking the artworks dimensions and choosing art work you wish to display simply call the artist or fill contact form located at the bottom right column of the artist’s profile page. The artist will bring the work of art and display it in an area you both deem acceptable. The artist will leave their business card with contact information attached to their artwork. If for any reason you wish to display another work of art simply reach out to the artist and ask them to retrieve their art work.