Artists are our focus

Showing your work in our directory can be beneficial for you in many different ways depending on where you are in your career. If you are just starting out, participating in our local shows can give you a feel for how to show in a professional gallery setting, while experienced artists can benefit from having an additional community-based location where your work can be found by potential buyers.

No matter where you live. BABT’s main focus is to provide a platform for you to gain the exposure you deserve.  BABT accomplishes this by providing businesses around the world a virtual marketplace to view, choose, and proudly display your artwork without legal liability. To protect your art, we do encourage you to purchase insurance, as you would if you were to display your art in a gallery.

As one person working alone, you may not be able to reach every business. However, with every artist spreading the word of BABT, it is similar to having millions of people advertising for you, and you advertising for them. This is strength through unity.

As a member of BABT, armed with our flyers, business cards, and our website, you can walk into any business to share your art with the confidence of being a part of a global movement. > GET STARTED